Making a Homemade Rat Trap

For people who have a small rat problem in their home, they may want to figure out a way to get rid of the problem without having to call in the professionals. After all, calling in a professional to get rid of a couple rats can end up costing a lot of money, and who wants to spend their hard earned money on rats? Well, now there is a way for anybody to take care of small rat problems by creating a rat trap by themselves, using nothing more than materials typically found around the house. Not only is this method cheap, but it’s effective and re-usable, too. Of course, anybody who is experiencing a serious rat problem or infestation should not try to take care of the problem themselves and should instead call the control specialists.

To begin creating a homemade rat trap, start with an empty cardboard toilet paper tube. From there, locate some peanut butter in the pantry and spread some of that peanut butter on top of a cracker or small piece of a cracker. After that is done, go ahead and place the peanut butter-covered cracker inside the empty toilet paper tube. Easy enough so far, right? But, of course, there is still no way for the rat to get trapped in the device.

In order to create a trick for the rat to fall for, simply begin by folding one end of the cardboard toilet paper roll and slide the cracker down to the end of the tube. Now, find a counter top, table, or some other ledge somewhere in your house where the rodent has been spotted. Place the trap on the edge so that it is almost teetering. Underneath the trap, place a bucket. Simple as that.

So how does it work, exactly? Well, once the rat gets to the cheese, its weight will cause the teetering toilet paper roll to fall over the edge and into the bucket. Since rats can not climb well, it will end up stuck in the bucket. It is important, of course, to be sure that the bucket is tall enough so that the rat can’t reach the top of it and pull itself out.

Since this is a non-deadly trap, the rat can then easily be disposed of without having to kill it. So not only is this a cheap homemade rat trap, but it is humane as well.

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