Making a Homemade Rat Trap

For people who have a small rat problem in their home, they may want to figure out a way to get rid of the problem without having to call in the professionals. After all, calling in a professional to get rid of a couple rats can end up costing a lot of money, and who wants to spend their hard earned money on rats? Well, now there is a way for anybody to take care of small rat problems by creating a rat trap by themselves, using nothing more than materials typically found around the house. Not only is this method cheap, but it’s effective and re-usable, too. Of course, anybody who is experiencing a serious rat problem or infestation should not try to take care of the problem themselves and should instead call the control specialists.

To begin creating a homemade rat trap, start with an empty cardboard toilet paper tube. From there, locate some peanut butter in the pantry and spread some of that peanut butter on top of a cracker or small piece of a cracker. After that is done, go ahead and place the peanut butter-covered cracker inside the empty toilet paper tube. Easy enough so far, right? But, of course, there is still no way for the rat to get trapped in the device.

In order to create a trick for the rat to fall for, simply begin by folding one end of the cardboard toilet paper roll and slide the cracker down to the end of the tube. Now, find a counter top, table, or some other ledge somewhere in your house where the rodent has been spotted. Place the trap on the edge so that it is almost teetering. Underneath the trap, place a bucket. Simple as that.

So how does it work, exactly? Well, once the rat gets to the cheese, its weight will cause the teetering toilet paper roll to fall over the edge and into the bucket. Since rats can not climb well, it will end up stuck in the bucket. It is important, of course, to be sure that the bucket is tall enough so that the rat can’t reach the top of it and pull itself out.

Since this is a non-deadly trap, the rat can then easily be disposed of without having to kill it. So not only is this a cheap homemade rat trap, but it is humane as well.

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Helpful Tips to Consider For Trapping Moles

Moles are small creatures similar in size to chipmunks that can destroy your lawn. They live underground, and survive by eating earthworms, which they find by digging tunnels. There are many ways for a homeowner to eliminate these annoying creatures, but trapping moles is the most effective. However, it is better that the homeowner knows how to identify moles, and the best ways to trap them before they begin. If you have moles, here are some facts you should know before you start trying to get rid of your moles.

Often people uses mole trapping in an inactive tunnel because they may not know how to identify an active tunnel. However, active tunnels are identifiable because they are usually straight while an inactive tunnel may have curves. So, if the tunnel in your lawn is not straight, do not set any traps because there won’t be any mole to trap. If you find an active mole, stomping it down won’t do any good either because these tiny creatures will clear it out again in a day or two. Moles have the ability to create tunnels up to 100 feet to find food. They sometimes use a tunnel once and then abandon that tunnel while some may make one tunnel their primary path to find food.

During spring and autumn you will find that moles are more active because the soil tends to be softer and moister. The best time to catch a mole is when the soil is wet because grubs, worms and other soil bugs that the moles eat to survive comes up to the surface. If it is not raining in your area, try watering the suspected area.

When you buy traps for mole trapping, buy traps based on the depth of the tunnel. Use harpoon traps if you have a surface tunnel for deeper tunnels use either a scissor or loop trap to rid your lawn of moles. After you add the trap, make sure that you seal the hole thoroughly because they can sense that something is different with the air current and will not go to the area where you set the trap.

Trapping moles is easier if you keep your grass short because you can locate moles easier. Overgrown lawns make it too difficult to find these animals. If you see any tunnels, do not add topsoil over the tunnel because this makes it harder for you to trap moles.

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There’s A Mole In That Hole!

Moles are a unique nuisance. Unlike deer and other furry creatures, they do not eat flower or vegetables from the top down. They are sneaky little critters that can attack unseen. They burrow their way through your yard or garden destroying beloved plants and flowers from the roots up. As they dig their tunnels they gnaw through the root systems of any living thing that gets in their way.

How is one suppose to even know that they are having a problem with moles in the first place since they are primarily a nocturnal creature and are rarely seen walking above ground? One easy sign to spot are the tunnels that they produce around the yard. If you are walking around and notice slightly elevated layers of dirt that stretch in long straight lines, then it is likely that a mole is living in your yard and the raised sections of dirt are from a mole tunneling beneath the surface. You can be sure that it is a tunnel if you step on the raised area and it sinks slightly back into the ground. Since a mole’s residence is primarily below ground, dealing with this critter can be quite tricky. Also if you are a person that wants to dispose of them in way that does not harm them than the majority of mole traps that are cheaply and readily available are not likely to be for you. Standard mole traps are some sort of device that you put that you put on the surface of the dirt or grass in your yard that contain a trigger and some sort of long spiked arm. When the mole burrows underneath the device, the raised ground triggers the mechanism and the spiked arm is thrust into the dirt, impaling the poor little guy underground. It is a quite medieval image, but it certainly does the trick if you can guess the general area in which the mole will be tunneling. There are mole traps available that will catch the mole alive, but you have to place those in the tunnels and success in catching the mole takes a bit longer and a little experimentation regarding which tunnel is active. You may also have to visit several stores before you find the device.

My recommendation is that you simply get a cat that will be active outdoors. Cats love to use their natural hunting instincts to locate and dig these little guys up. While the mole is still likely to end up dead and maybe even as a present on your doorstep, at least the problem will be solved as Mother Nature intended.

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Don’t Have A Cat? Then You Need A Rat Trap

Rat traps are one of those household accessories people would rather not need. Unfortunately, as long as there are rats in this world, you will at some point of time need rat traps. The favorite habitats of rats are sewers, vacant buildings, farms and of course houses, especially homes that do not get rid of their waste properly. This kind of house is seen as a place to get free meals for most rats. The good news is that if you have rat problem there are rat traps available to help get rid of them. The following are some examples of most commonly used traps.

The good old fashion wire cage spring door rat trap has been around for a long time. The main reason why it has been around for so long is because it is effective. The concept is simple. A small cage, roughly 4X4X 10 inches, will have a door activated by a spring. Inside the trap there will be a metal hook to place the bait. This hook in turn will be attached to the door via a metal rood. The door will be pulled open with this rod and attached to the hook. The bait is placed on the hook and when the rat eats the bait it will activate the spring loaded door which will shut.

However, if you would like something more modern then there are several companies that make effective rat traps. Some are simple contraptions made out of plastic. Others are a bit more complicated and use electricity to do the job. Electronic rat traps have been proven to be quite effective. It has built in sensors which detect the rat and will kill it instantaneously. The price of these modern contraptions will vary around 50 dollars. The cheapest one is still the basic metal bait petal rat trap. It does not have any fancy equipment or housing to keep the rat. The metal bait petal is “cocked” using a spring, and when the rat bites the bait, it will slam down on the rat, killing it instantly.

Rat traps can be categorized into two groups. Ones that catch the rat but do not kill and the other type will kill it. Choosing on one will depend entirely on the person’s capability of disposing rats. Most rat traps will not require the user to touch the rat. After the rat has been caught it can be disposed of easily.

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How to Find the Best Mole Traps

When searching for a way to end the intense destruction caused by moles, you need to discover which are the best mole traps. Moles can do so serious damage to your yard and garden. This is why it is imperative that you find a trap that will quickly and easily rid your yard of these creatures.

Victor makes a mole trap that many professionals use that features strong durability and a weather resistant design. The jaws on the trap are strong and malleable with setting levers and safety clips for the ultimate in safety. It is made to quickly put an end to the problem of moles tearing up your garden and yard.

All moving parts of this mole trap are located beneath the ground, so there is no worry about pets or children becoming harmed by it. It is fully assembled and can be used in any type of soil. It is even designed to be used well with soil that is largely sand based.

Another brand of mole trap is the No Mol trap, an it is widely popular with those that wish to rid their property of these creatures once and for all. They have a simple yet highly effective European design. They are a breeze to set and they go right inside the mole’s tunnel, making them one of the best mole traps on the market today.

These traps do not hinder outdoor activities either, since they are below the ground. You can mow your lawn like you always have, and never need to worry about tearing up your lawn mower. It can also catch other pests like voles and shrews. It comes with four traps, four stakes, and very detailed instructions.

Moles are not rodents as many people believe, but instead they are insectivores, since they only eat insects. Using various home remedies like castor oil never works, and can actually make the problem worse. Only the use of mole traps has been shown to be an effective way to get rid of these bothersome pests, and allow you to get your yard back the way it was before.

By trapping moles, you can halt their ability to make an elaborate tunnel system, thus keeping them from thriving anymore. When you can research and find the best mole traps on the market today, you can dramatically increase the likelihood that you will be able to put a permanent end to the destruction caused by moles.

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Homemade Mole Trap Ideas

Moles can be a real pest. There are several mole trapping methods that can be tried to get rid of them. If the area is very small, consider burying a roll of sheet metal in the ground. It needs to be buried at least 12 inches deep and have a 90 degree slant.
Another method is to stomp on the mole hill. It is best done early in the day or late in the evening, because moles are more likely to be in their holes at that time. If they can’t get out of any holes, they will die.
Others prefer to plant things that will repel the moles. Two of these plants seem to hold some promise. They are the caper spurge and castor beans.
Moles are very destructive. The most effective method is to construct a homemade mole trap to catch these pesky critters. To make the mole trap you will need a plastic gallon jar, a stick of gum, needle, thread, plastic gloves, drill, shovel ribbon, and a half gallon of water.
First, drill a hole in the side of the plastic gallon jar, near the top.
Next, poke a hole in the gum. Tie a string from the gum to the jar. Allow the gum to dangle freely.
Next, wash the jar thoroughly and allow it to dry. Do not touch the jar for 24 hours. Moles have very sensitive noses and will avoid the human scent. The second step is to fill the jar with approximately a half gallon of water. The third step is to tie a ribbon through the same hole that you placed the thread through. Moles are attracted to bright colors, and so the ribbon will attract the mole to your jar.
Dig a hole next to the mole hill. Be very careful not to disturb the mole hill. The best hill to place the jar next to will have mole paw prints in the loose dirt surrounding it.
Wait for the mole to become interested in the gum. The scent of the gum will attract them and they will fall into the jar and drown. After they have drowned the jar can be dug up and the process repeated.
Moles can be very destructive. By constructing a homemade mole trap one can kill moles. This is the best way to make sure that the moles are no longer a problem in any area.

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Mole Traps

Moles are pests that are about twice the size of rats. They live underground and eat bugs and grubs around the roots of plants. Moles like to live in isolation and you will not often see them. If you have moles you may only have a few. Usually moles live about three to a acre. Even though you may see a lot of damage you may only have one or two moles. A mole is not a rodent but part of a group of mammals called Insectivores.

If you find piles of dirt in your yard and holes you probably have moles. Moles tunnel and one mole can make many holes. These creatures like earthworms grubs and eating around plant roots. Moles can do a lot of damage before you even realize you have a mole problem. Many people try to get rid of moles by putting water, smoke or chemicals down their holes. This seldom works because many of the tunnels are very long and a mole can often dig one hundred feet per day, depending on soil conditions. It is impossible to smoke or flood that large of a area. Their tunnels can be quite complex and long.

Many experts report that the only way to get rid of moles is to trap them. These experts say that all of the home remedies, and even some professionally made chemicals will not work. You must trap moles to get rid of them. The best time of year for trapping moles is in the spring and fall. They can be trapped anytime of year but these months will give the most success.

Moles move about quite a lot and knowing where to place your traps is important. Sometimes moles move to new locations overnight and you may think they are gone. Finding where they are at the moment can make trapping them much easier. There are many types of traps and finding one that works in your situation is important.

Traps should be checked once or twice a day to see if you have caught any moles. If there are not any moles caught after five or six days the trap should be moved to another location. On a good sized yard with many holes you may want to place three or four traps out.

Moles can be frustrating to controll, finding them and trapping them before they can reproduce and do a lot of damage is important. Find out what the best types of mole traps are for your soil conditions and keep some on hand. Striking fast on these pests is important to avoid frustration.

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Finding The Best Rat Traps

When it comes to getting rid of these large pests you really need one of the best rat traps around. There are quite a few different types of trap and in their own way, and depending on your point of view, could all be classed as the best. There are humane ones, and there are slightly less humane ones. Let us look at some of these traps in more detail.

One of the first things to consider is how many rats do you need to get rid of, if it is more than one then you should be looking at buying a re-usable trap. If you only need to get rid of one rodent then you can opt for a throw away type trap.

Another thing to consider is whether you would prefer to get rid of the pest or pests quickly and humanely, or do you just want one that is extremely effective regardless of the way it traps them.

There are three main types of trap that get rid of large rodents. The old fashioned mouse trap type, made of wood yet much larger than the mouse trap, with a very strong spring, this is still one of the most effective ways to get rid of large pests like rats. It is extremely quick, effective, and kills almost instantly.

Then you have the glue trap, this can be very effective if the rats are not interested in the baits your putting down but know the ‘run’ that they use. Glue traps are plastic trays which are filled with an extremely sticky glue type material. These are very effective too but do have some disadvantages. When a rat is caught in the glue trap, it doesn’t die so you would have to put it out of its misery, some do not like this method.

A third type of trap is the electronic one, this is probably the best option for those needing to get rid of several rats due to the fact it can be used over and over again. Although slightly more expensive than the previously mentioned traps, you probably only need one of these. Electronic traps basically electrocute the rodent, quickly and effectively.

When thinking of purchasing one or more of the best rat traps out there today you would be safe to purchase the old fashioned wooden spring type rat trap, or one of the electronic type.

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How To Make A Homemade Rat Poison

The thought of edible homemade rat poison may shock you, but it is true all the same. What is edible to you can be poison to a rat. Rats and mice have been trouble since the beginning of time, and at one time or another everyone has to deal with them.

The question lies in how should you deal with them. Let’s face it, rats are vermin, yet many people can’t stand the thought of snapping them flat with a rat trap. The only way left is live traps, sticky papers, or poison.

When using traps or sticky paper you still have the problem of what to do with the rat once you catch it. Some people say to just trap and release; but have you ever thought about all those people in the country that you release them on? Peppermint oil will drive rats and mice away, yet by doing this you are giving the rats a chance to produce even more rats. And the cold hard fact is that rats do carry diseases and should not be left alive to multiply.

The best way to get rid of rats is to poison them. People with small children or pets have stayed clear of this method because of the apparent dangers. What they don’t realize is that the rats are also a danger to their pets and children. So what can be done to solve this? The solution is edible homemade rat poison.

By using ingredients that are completely safe for people and pets you can still poison all the rats in your home. Below are the ingredients for the edible homemade rat poison.

1 Cup flour
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Baking Soda

Those three ingredients, which everyone has around the house, are all you need to get rid of your rat or mouse infestation.

Once the ingredients are mixed together, place small amounts in tiny bowls, and store them in places where rats are leaving their droppings.

The reason that this edible poison will kill rats is because the bicarbonate in the baking soda will mix with their stomach acids and kill them. Rats can not burp or belch, so they will die.

If you can fix a small trap to put the poison in, the rat will not be able to go off and die, causing a smell. If you want safe rat poison, try this recipe.

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Getting Rid Of Pesky Rats With Rat Traps

Rat traps are something that most people are going to find that they need at some point or another during the time in which they live in a home. Rats are creatures that are going to get into the home through many cracks and crevices that they can find and then they invade your territory. The only way that most people are going to be able to get rid of these rodents on their own is through using a trap. However, when considering the types of traps that are out there, the person has to realize that there are those that may hold better benefits from them than the other types out there.

Rat traps are usually placed in the path that the person knows that the rate is scampering through. For example, if you know that the rat is in the attic, then placing the trap somewhere in the corner that you believe that they frequent is going to increase the chances of actually catching the rat and getting it out of your home. This is when the person should consider the type of trap that they are looking for.

There are traps that are going to get rid of the rat through death, usually referred to as a snap trap that is basically going to lure the rat in and then the weight of the rat triggers the snapping of the trap to happen, and the rat is gone. This is good, however, if the person does not find the trap for a while, it can lead to the smell of death being in the house. There are those traps that are more humane in that they catch the rat alive, and allow the person to simply put the rat back outside. This is good for those that do not want to kill the rat, though the rat could just find their way back into the home and the person will have to repeat the process. So which should a person choose? This is going to depend entirely upon what they want out of their trap and how they want to get rid of the rat. These are just a few points to consider when looking to buy the trap to get rid of your pesky rat.

For those that are stuck on what to buy, they should consider that there are many reviews out there for the person to read about others personal experience that could help them to make their decision since it does give more knowledge.

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